Is there a difference between Organic and Natural? Are they safer than conventional beauty products?

We took a survey were 17 respondents answer the question whether or not they knew the difference between the word “Organic and Natural” in Beauty Care Products.
9 of the respondents knew the difference, 8 of the respondents said they would like more information to clarify the difference.

In a beauty industry filled with great marketing it is easy for a consumer to get confused when trying to purchase “green” products which many consider to be safer than conventional beauty products. However, choosing between Natural or Organic can be a complex task if one is not aware of the true meaning or significance of each word. And.. Are they safer for us than conventional products?

Below we have attached several links, one is to an informative article that does a nice job at comparing their differences.

check out the video

What is in your products?

article reference link