How to make a homemade candle for Hurricane Sandy blackouts.

Mama Ana (The Mad Scientist) wants to share a simple trick to light up the place in case of a blackout during Hurricane Sandy…
“How to make a homemade candle to provide some light during Hurricane Sandy”.

1- Take a cotton ball and twist a tip of the thread into a candle light tip.
2- Dip the cotton into oil in a small plate, make sure to completely saturate cotton into the oil. (1-2 oz) and a (a coffee cup plate).
3- squeeze out excess oil from the cotton ball.
4- Flatten the cotton ball into the plate, only leaving out the twisted tip to light up the fire.
5- Use fire to light up the cotton candle.

(May use any oil, but for a nice fragrance you can use a fragrant essential oil).

(Please use caution with fire)

We hope this can be of help to any in need of a light source…

Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you all..

Ana’s True OrganicsTo provide light during the blackout of Hurricane Sandy